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Dear customer and fans of,

in a pretty short time we were able to build a big crowd of customers, who are content and happy with the products purchased on with fair prices and very quick customer service and we are very thankful for your trust in us. Often times we are asked for brand new books or very rare books and this led us to think about a smart system to gather the power of our customers in a way, so that both the customers and we can make profit as a team.

And we found a great way: We are proud to present you a brand new section, which has not been seen on other magicshops before, which is the organization of regular group buys in our Group Buy section. Before you read any further you should know that this project is aimed mainly at professional magicians, who are interested getting brand new or rare stuff with the lowest cost. In the following the group buy system will be explained:

  • Book XYZ has a cost of $100
  • The total cost of $100 will be shared amongst other customers, who are willing to contribute with $10 for example. So we would need 10 customers until we can close the group buy and purchase the book and scan it and send it to the contributors immediately.
  • The scanned book will of course also be available on the shop, but at a higher cost. For a $100 book the shop price would be around $25 – 45 depending on the quality and accessiblity of the product.
  • Either way the contributors will get the book the fastest way with the lowest cost.


So how can I enter the group buy?

  • All group buy products will be presented on the group buy category and on the shop
  • To participate on a specific group, you just have to put this product into your cart and make your payment just as you would do for a normal purchase, but mention in the description field which group buy you are contributing to.

How can I know, how many slots are free?

  • All group buy products will have a limited amount displayed as Stock
  • For example there are only 5 slots left, then this product would show 5 Stock.
  • We follow the rule “first come, first served!”

Can I change my mind and get out of a group buy I have paid for already?

  • For sure you can exit a group buy anytime before we place our order.
  • And yes, we will refund the payment! (we are no scammers!)
  • If that happens on a regular basis, then we will start to ignore you at some point.

Important note:

  • all pdf-files of the group buy will be watermarked with
  • if that is not ok for you, then better not contribute to the group buy.

Important points before you join a Group buy:

  1. Just place one group buy item at a time into your cart and click on “Place Order” on the checkout page. (Do not put group buy products together with non-group-buy products into the cart!!!)
  2. Completion of this order means, you are in for this group buy.
  3. Do not make any payments for this group buy.
  4. As soon as we have reached the number of customers, we will contact all contributors and ask for the payment.
  5. If there is no reply on that, this contributor will be automatically kicked out of the group buy.
  6. In case we get the file without the group buy before the group buy ends (before receiving any money), we will close the group buy and put the product as usual product on store.



What happens with my contributions I have already made?

  • Do not worry about that, we are going to refund all unfinished group buy contributions back to all contributors in the next few days.

What if I want to resign from a group buy?

  • Just contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) and drop us a message, that you would like to resign from a specific group buy.

What will happen, when I participate in a group buy, but I do not pay?

  • If that happens regularly, guess what, we will not take a serious anymore and stop accepting your orders!
  • So please place an order for a group buy, only if you are sure about that.

All in all this group buy system utilizes the power of a big group with the same interest, so that all participants will be happy in the end. So if you are interested in a specific group buy, then better not hesitate and chime in.

I hope this explanation was thorough enough to understand the basic idea. Feel free to ask your remaining question via e-mail to [email protected] or via our live-chat system.

Thank you all for your interest.


2 thoughts on “Introduction: Group Buy

  1. I have a few problems with this. The first being that unless you have people who put in the money, until they do, those who do contribute…their donations are just sitting in the group buy account forever until the goal is met. what happens of that goal is never met?

    it seems like a better solution would be to have people agree to the purchase before any funds are taken and only order when the goal is agreed upon. this would fix the issue of having peoples money out of their control and just sitting around until the goal is reached.

    1. Thank you for commenting sir. This is a point we have thought about already and we came to conclusion that the way you suggested might end up in very loose commitments of potential customers, so that we have to decided to try it first with the safest way.
      You are correct by saying that the funds will be sitting around until the goal is reached, but we guarantee that all the contributions will be paid fully back in case something goes wrong with the group buy, e.g. too less interest of a particular product etc.
      This is our first attempt to get new and rare items much quicker and for sure we are still in the try and error phase, that is why we are thankful for your ideas and feedback.
      Thank you for supporting

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